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Gianna Leighton was born on the west coast and raised on the east coast, after high school she spread her gossamer wings and flew south where she enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University. A current member of Romance Writers of America, Gianna has loved the genre for as long as she can remember. Spinning magical tales with elements of the supernatural and fantasy are second nature to her.

She is currently a part-time writer and stay at home mom. She’s as comfortable throwing on a pair of well-worn jeans as she is in slipping on heels and dressing up for date night. Gianna loves theater, from community productions to Broadway plays and when she isn’t dreaming up alluring characters, she loves soaking in a warm bubble bath and reading a love story. Baking, scrap-booking, the color pink, dark chocolate, sunny days, cinnamon, and the sound of the stream in the mountains are just a few of her favorite things.

She currently resides in Nashville with her husband and two beautiful children and one day hopes to own a cozy cabin nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains.


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