What happens when it’s time to rediscover your dreams?

When Jolie Mercer’s employer liquidates the company, she’s faced with an opportunity to seek adventure. Taking a job in Hawaii, the “island of paradise” is what she hoped for- and more. With her temporary job at a resort with a fifty year history, she’s not interested in a serious relationship. But, a wealthy and sexy employer is making Jolie rethink her plans for the present.

On a temporary break from competitive surfing, Trent Fain keeps busy at his family’s resort. And a beautiful new employee is wrecking havoc on the way he does business.

To be published October 2016







Untied by Lust, published in The Bowman’s Inn Spring Anthology 2015. Has been removed from Amazon until further notice.

Sparks fly when Health Inspector Brett, a by-the-book bureaucrat with a weak spot for anything paranormal, encounters Eden, the new waitress and gardener at the Sunny Leaf Cafe. In spite of simmering attraction to the redheaded beauty, Brett tries to keep things on a professional level. He’s drawn to the Bowman’s Inn by the unusually high rate of happy couples in the area. With Eden’s help, he discovers exactly what the bartender is serving up.


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