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Hello from Gianna

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Hello to everyone on the blogosphere! I’m new here and wanted to take a moment to greet you. *waves*

My name is Gianna Leighton. I’m a wife and mother who likes to explore fascinating worlds through stories. For the last two years I’ve been honing my writerly skills with the help of other writer friends. The writing journey has been frustrating at times, but also fun and exciting.

Just this year I was asked to join a group of ladies to write a short story for an anthology, Bowman’s Inn Book One Winter, that will be released December 21, 2014.

My story is Heels of Desire and is about Sam McCann who has an unusual obsession with shoes. In particular, heels and boots and how they’d look on women passing by. His passion for shoes has helped him build a thriving shoe shop, but it’s also why his love life is less than stellar.

The anthology is a mix of erotic to sweet stories. It’s been a great experience working with everyone and I’m excited to be able to join them for the Spring anthology.

Check out the rest of the stories and inspirational pictures at The Bowman’s Inn Facebook.

I’ve got to end this for now, but will be posting more at a later time.It’s been nice talking to you.

Enjoy your weekend!


Are you a writer, reader, or both? How long have you been writing? What do you like to read?