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Bits and Pieces: Felicia

Romantic novel

Bits and Pieces is a new category on the blog for sharing occasional tidbits or more complete pieces of my writing.

What I’m posting today is a bit I wrote over a year ago. It has not been edited and is definitely on the rough side.

So you’ve been warned: Read at your own risk. 🙂


Naked, her creamy thigh opened. She had dreamed of this day.

Months of planning, sneaking, and chaste kisses, the wait was
finally over.

Wet and impatient, the ache had become unbearable.

Hot and slick between her breasts, Felicia gripped her husband’s wrinkled skin and pushed him away from her sore shoulder. Passed out, he did not stir from the change in position. She wiped his drool off with a satin sheet and wrapped her firm body with a plush robe.

She stepped onto the balcony. The weight of her diamond ring tipped her conscience. She lifted her hand and hesitated.

This is what she had wanted.