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Writing Motivation from the Seasons

Author: Judy Schattner

Every writer comes to a point where the experience writer’s block. Getting through writer’s block is a matter of finding something to motivate you. You also have to shrug off the conventional ideas of how to write so that you can let your creativity flow. With the right combination of motivation and creativity, you can breeze through your writer’s block and start creating amazing pieces.

The Seasons

The changing seasons have been drawn upon many times for motivation in writing all types of pieces, from songs to poems to novels. There is a lot you can draw upon when you use the seasons as your motivation. All you need to do is open your eyes and take in the changes around you.

Spring is a time of birth and rejuvenation. From Spring you can draw upon the colorful array of flowers blooming in your garden, the sounds of the newborn animals playing and the fresh smell after a rain fall. There is plenty of motivation that you can draw from the Spring.

Summer is all about fun and sun. This season brings to mind the smell of campfires, the taste of an ice cold beverage on a hot day and the sounds of children splashing in the pool. Summer is a great motivation to write something fun and exciting.

Fall is a time of change. It is characterized by beautiful colors and the slight turn in the weather to colder temperatures. Fall is full of tasty treats and stunning, bright colors. It is usually associated with Halloween and the scary atmosphere of the holiday. It is the perfect setting for stories of change and tails of a spooky nature.

Winter is seen as the ending of the seasons. It is highlighted by crisp, white snow fall, warm fires and cozy sweaters. Winter is also a time of fun in the snow with sledding and snowball fights. Winter sets a scene that can be anything from the cheer of Christmas to the confinement of a snow storm.

When using the seasons as motivation, you need to look at the season from multiple points of view. Take in all the ways the seasons effects your senses. Try to look beyond what you normally think about the season and let yourself get creative.

Letting Creativity Soar

Once you have found a season to motivate you, it is important to not get stuck again by writing rules. You should allow yourself to just be free. Write whatever you feel without editing. You need to just let your creative thoughts flow. Do not worry about style, spelling or any rules. This makes for a great starting point where you can just get your ideas on paper.

Once you are finished you can begin to work with the ideas and develop your piece from that. This will allow you to get the ideas out there and help you to overcome the writer’s block.

Using the seasons will allow you to draw upon familiar motivation. You can walk outside and take it all in, no matter what time of year it is. You always have this motivation at hand.

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About the Author

Judy Schattner has been working as a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, and Relaxation Specialist for over 30 years. Judy Schattner provides Counseling Services,Hypnosis Treatment and also owns a Meditation Center in Raleigh NC.